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Best bathtub refinishing kit for DIY reviewed (2021)

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Best bathtub refinishing kit

What do you do when your bathtub is chipped, cracked, and full of unsightly stains that won’t come off? While acquiring a new one would be a good option, bathtubs aren’t cheap. You must be ready to spend a huge amount just to buy and have one installed. The most affordable way is to get the best bathtub refinishing kit to repair your existing tub.

Refinishing kits help to revamp the imperfections on your bathtub making it look as good as new. If done right and using high quality refinishing products, a refinished tub can last for years and years.

In this article, we shall review some of the best DIY bathtub and sink refinishing kits. Before we get deep into the review, here are the top 3 refinishing kits based on user reviews and experiences.

Best DIY Bathtub Refinishing Kit reviews

1. Armoglaze-Enamel Epoxy Bath refinishing kit

This is a DIY refinishing kit designed to be used on regular-sized bathtubs.

It is made by professional refinishers with the needs of the clients in mind. To start with, it is odorless since it does not contain any harmful or toxic chemicals.

In addition, this kit is very easy to apply. It’s thick enough so only one coat is needs and can last for years and years.

Moreover, it works on most bathtubs such as cast iron, fiberglass, acrylic, and even metal.

The kit comes in two parts, A and B, and includes all the necessary tools for application and an easy to follow the guide (video).

In order to have a beautiful finish, you must carefully watch the instruction videos from the start to the end.


  • Does not emit toxic fumes and odors
  • Very thick
  • Takes only 36 hours to cure
  • Comes with easy to follow video instructions
  • Can be used on fiberglass, cast iron, acrylic, and metal bathtubs
  • The kit includes all the necessary tools for application
  • It gives a long-lasting and durable finish


  • You need to strictly follow the application instructions for the best results.

2. Ekopel 2K bathtub refinishing kit

This kit comes in a pack consisting of Ekopel 2k enamel, hardener, a foam roller with covers, and scooper boxes.

It is completely non-toxic and odorless since it is made from fumes-free substances that do not contain any chemicals.

Ekopel’s enamel is 20 times thicker than other brands of refinishing kits so only one coating can give you a full seal and restore the tub’s appearance.

Moreover, the enamel is oil-free so it does not peel off for years and years.

After the application, it takes only 24 hours for the tub to dry and cure when the temperature is set at 72 degrees F.


  • Very thick
  • Fast curing period (only 24 hours)
  • Comes with all the necessary tools for application
  • Non-toxic and odorless
  • Easy to work with
  • Can be used on both tubs and sinks
  • Adheres to different bathtub materials like cast iron, steel, fiberglass, and ceramic
  • Does not peel; hence, long-lasting


  • If you do not mix the product thoroughly before application, sticky spots might appear on the tub after a while.

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3. Aquafinish Bathtub and Tile Refinishing Kit

Aquafinish refinishing kit can be used on both tubs and tiles.

You can get it as a single kit of 32 oz. mixable product or double kit of 64 oz. depending on what you want to refinish.

The 32 oz kit is enough for two to three coats for a standard size bathtub.

All kits come in all the necessary application tools which include two foam rollers, sandpaper, tray and brush, and a tack rag.


  • Works all different tub materials like fiberglass, acrylic, metal
  • The epoxy can be tinted to match your bathroom décor
  • Gives a high-quality finish
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Can be used on tiles
  • Easy to use


  • It is only available in white
  • The roller that comes with it gets ruined pretty fast so you need a better quality roller

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4. Magic Tub and Tile Refinishing Kit

This is a two-pack epoxy-based refinishing kit. It is designed as a high-performance refinishing product for tubs, sinks, and tiles.

It comes as a two-pack system consisting of a base and activator. The base comprises acrylic with a hardening agent while the activator comprises epoxy with a hardening agent.

The finished look has a high gloss appearance and can withstand moisture and last for years and years. This is based on the fact that the epoxy material adheres strongly to the tub or sink surface.

One kit is enough to paint two coats on a large-sized tub or two average-sized tubs.


  • Perfect on ceramic, acrylic, fiberglass, and porcelain tub surfaces
  • Adheres strongly; hence, long-lasting
  • Easy to use
  • Thick
  • Can be used on tubs, sinks, tiles, and showers
  • It has good coverage. Two coats are enough to cover a large-sized tub perfectly


  • You need to use a high-quality paintbrush for the best results.

5. RTG Supply Co. Shower & Tub refinishing paint

This is a very economical alternative to expensive bathtub refinishing and reglazing.

RTG refinishing kit is ideal for different surfaces including enamel, fiberglass, and acrylic.

It is eco-friendly since it is water-based and contains very few volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

One quart can cover a standard-sized tub completely since the paint is thick.

After application, this paint dries very fast allowing you to use your tub after 48 hours.


  • No toxic produced; hence great for indoor use
  • Very easy to use
  • Comes in different colors
  • Good coverage
  • It is fast drying


  • Not recommended for porcelain, ceramic, and tile surfaces.

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The best bathtub refinishing kit helps to improve the appearance of your tub by giving it a new look at a very affordable cost.

It hides unsightly stains, scratches, and discoloration on the tub in just a few steps.

If you are a DIY person, you will enjoy working with any of the kits we have reviewed above. They are long-lasting and can be used also on walls and tiles.

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