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Best toilet brush plunger combo set

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best toilet brush plunger combo set

I’ve been using the same toilet brush and plunger for years but recently decided to upgrade. I wanted to find the best toilet brush plunger combo set that was both eco-friendly and would help me get my toilets clean in record time.

After reading reviews of many different brands, I narrowed down my options to 5 toilet and plunger sets.

I’m so glad I choose Homemaxs Toilet plunger and brush set because it’s amazing. The brush is soft enough not to scratch surfaces, yet durable enough to scrub away tough stains. The plunger on the other hand is strong and has a wide mouth opening which makes it easy to use. You can’t go wrong with this combo set!

The other brands too are among the best-rated based on customer reviews and experiences. So if you are in need of the best toilet brush plunger set, here is a list of our top picks, as well as the key points to consider when shopping for one.

Best toilet brush plunger combo set reviews

1. Homemaxs Toilet Plunger and Brush

This heavy-duty toilet plunger features a commercial-grade rubber suction cup that provides maximum plunging power so you never have to worry about stubborn clogs again.

You won’t believe how easy the unique patented water storage design makes cleaning up. It prevents the dirty water from dripping onto the floor since it flows into the inner part of the holder. This also helps the brush and the plunger to dry quickly.

Another unique feature is the steady and concealed base so they do not tip over. It is also a good way to hide the toilet brush and plunger in the bathroom.

One thing I hate is the plunger or brush slipping when in use. Thankfully, both the plunger and brush have long ergonomic handles with plastic on top which ensures a comfortable and secure grip. Also, the long handle prevents dirty water from splashing out during cleaning.

Most importantly, the brush bristles do not shed. They are soft yet flexible and strong and do not discolor since they are black in color.


  • It has a steady base
  • Long comfortable handles with a strong grip
  • Brush and plunger can be concealed in the canister
  • Heavy-duty and durable stainless steel handles
  • The plunger has powerful suction
  • Bristles of the brush do not shed


  • The handles come detached so you have to reattach them to their respective parts

2. mDesign Modern storage and cleaning accessory set

The most unique feature of this combo set is the dome-shaped cover or lid for the plunger that lifts and locks in place.

This cover catches any water from the plunger after use which allows fast drying and also keeps the bathroom floor dry.

The brush also has its own holder that is compact enough to fit in small-sized bathrooms.

Both the plunger and the brush are quite efficient. The plunger removes clogs easily by creating a tight seal on the toilet or drain while the brush’s strong and sturdy bristles can clean even the hardest-to-reach areas on the bowl.

In addition, the brush has a long handle with a round disc that prevents water from splashing onto your hands when cleaning.


  • Both are made of high-quality plastic that does not break easily
  • The plunger is very strong and unblocks clogs with a lot of ease
  • They are great for small spaces
  • Very sturdy and well made
  • They add an aesthetic appeal to your bathroom
  • Beautiful bronze finish and do not discolor


  • Some buyers feel that the toilet brush handle is a little shorter than they expected

3. MR. SIGA Toilet plunger and bowl brush

This is a 2 in 1 toilet brush and plunger set with a two-compartment holder.

The plunger is made of high-grade rubber which creates strong suction allowing maximum plunging when clearing clogs in toilets, sinks, and bathroom drains.

On the other hand, the brush has soft yet strong nylon bristles that are very effective on stains even under the toilet rim. They do not come off or get deformed even after being in use.

It has an ergonomic handle that does not slip when in use. Also, it is long enough to prevent water from splashing on you.

When it comes to storage, this combo set comes in a steady compartment holder that has a stylish design and can conveniently fit in small spaces. This helps to keep the bathroom organized, neat, and clean.

The brush compartment allows water to drip off the bristles into the holder enabling the brush to dry quickly and prevent mold and bacteria growth.


  • Strong brush bristles
  • Long handles with a secure grip
  • Comes with a convenient compartment holder
  • The plunger has heavy duty rubber suction cup
  • Compact and fits even in small spaces
  • Brush remains dry during storage


  • The toilet brush head cannot be replaced

4. ToiletTree products brush and plunger set

This set includes a toilet brush, plunger, and non-slip duo canister for storage.

The canister holds water that drips from the brush and plunger after cleaning thereby keeping the floor dry and clean.

Both the brush and the plunger are made from premium quality materials so they are durable and long-lasting.

In addition, they both feature long stainless steel handles, which give them a sleek and stylish modern look when placed next to your toilet.

They are compact enough to fit into any space in the bathroom and blend effortlessly. In addition, the canister conceals the brush and the plunger making your bathroom look neat and organized.


  • This set helps to maintain hygiene in the bathroom
  • They are corrosion resistant
  • Both are made from durable and long-lasting materials
  • Do not slide when cleaning
  • Very sleek and stylish look
  • Fit effortlessly even in small spaces
  • The storage canister hold dripping water after cleaning


  • Plunger might not work on newer toilet models such as the oval-shaped ones

How to choose the best toilet brush and plunger set

With so many different types of toilet plungers and brushes to choose from, it can be hard to know which one is best. So, here are some of the factors to consider in order to ease your shopping experience.

1. Material



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