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Best toilet seats that don’t move (for heavy person)

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best toilet seats that don't move

One of the most difficult things while shopping for toilet fixtures is finding the best toilet seats that don’t move.

There are many different types to choose from on the market today ranging from solid wood to plastic or metal toilet seats. But it can be hard to find one that is sturdy enough when sat on.

We’ve taken the time and considered all of the different things you should know before purchasing one. If you want something sturdy and reliable, read our complete review below.

For a quick pick, these are our top 3 recommendations of sturdy toilet seats based on customer reviews and experiences.

  1. BATH ROYALE BR620-00 Premium Toilet seat
  2. Big John Products 2445646-1W toilet seat
  3. BEMIS 1000CPT Paramount Heavy Duty Toilet seat

Best Toilet seats that don’t move

1. BATH ROYALE BR620-00 Premium Toilet seat

The BATH ROYALE BR620-00 Premium Toilet Seat is made of polypropylene.

It is a sanitary, durable and comfortable toilet seat that you’ll be happy to use since it does not slip. This is attributed to its unique fastening system that is different from the other common brands of toilet seats.

This slow closing toilet seat will not slam when you sit on it so there’s no need to worry about noise or damage.

It also has an antimicrobial coating which can resist stains from bacteria and mold growth as well as being easy to clean with soap and water.


  • Does not move or wobble
  • It has a universal fit (Fits all toilet brands)
  • Slow closing
  • Offers quick release for easy cleaning
  • Can support a person weighing up to 400 pounds without slipping
  • Stain-resistant
  • High-quality material that does not break easily


  • Installation might seem difficult since it’s different from other brands of toilet seats. But, it comes with all the mounting hardware and instruction manual that is very easy to follow.

2. Big John Products 2445646-1W toilet seat

If you’re looking for a toilet seat that offers more luxurious sitting, wider, and stronger than most seats on the market (up to 1,200 pounds), then Big John Products 2445646-1W is your best bet.

This seat is a great option for heavy people as well as the elderly and physically challenged individuals because it will allow them to sit comfortably without slipping off thanks to the synthetic rubber bumpers. The bumpers grip the bowl strongly so it won’t slip out from under you while sitting or standing up.

In addition, the wide 19-inch sitting surface provides plenty of room for movement without feeling cramped in their space.

Moreover, the installation process is quite easy since all you need is pliers or a wrench.


  • Larger than other toilet seat brands; hence, more comfortable
  • Perfect for plus size, elderly, and physically challenged people
  • Has strong stabilizing bumpers; hence, very sturdy
  • Very easy to install
  • Long-lasting and durable


  • It is quite large, so it might look odd at first before you get used to it

3. BEMIS 1000CPT Paramount Heavy Duty Metal Hinges Toilet seat

This toilet seat features are a unique commercial fastening system that is very easy to install and never comes loose or wobble.

It will hold up a weight capacity of up to 1,000 lbs with its non-corrosive 300 series stainless steel posts and pintles.

The commercial plastic seat and metal hinges make it ideal for any commercial application and are resistant to wears, stains, and chips.

Moreover, it is designed to fit all round and elongated toilets.


  • Installs easily with a snap
  • Very sturdy metal hinges
  • Does not come loose or wiggle
  • Great of plus size users
  • Can lock in place with a bidet attached


  • None so far. Users found this toilet seat better than other brands because they do not have to keep tightening the screws to keep it in place.

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4. Big John Toilet Seat 3W open Front toilet seat with stainless steel hinges

This is the best option for those who need a heavy-duty toilet seat that can handle up to 1200 pounds. It is made of thicker plastic than most standard seats to give it strength.

In addition, it has been designed with comfort in mind, as it provides an extra-wide sitting surface.

The stainless steel hinges make this sturdy bariatric-sized toilet seat unbreakable even when used by larger people over 300 pounds in weight. The large rubber bumpers on the other hand grip onto the bowl so you don’t have to worry about any movement when getting on or off of your new bathroom accessory.

If you are looking for a durable, comfortable solution to replace your old toilet seat then this might be what you need.


  • Heavy duty and very sturdy
  • Strong stainless steel hinges
  • Large capacity and perfect fit for all standard round and elongated toilets
  • The stabilizing bumpers are large for maximum grip
  • Very easy to install
  • Contoured sitting surface


  • None so far

5. HONBOO elongated and slow closing toilet seat

HONBOO Elongated Toilet Seat with Cover is made from 100% pure white polypropylene.

It has high flexural strength that can withstand up to 450 pounds of pressure while staying in place.

Also, it features a 2-button quick-release design so it’s easy to clean when needed.

The No Slam Design feature ensures quiet closing and prevents loud slamming of the toilet seat which could crack your toilet or pinch your fingers.

Plus, this seat is high quality and won’t chip peel off over time thanks to its durable finish. With proper care, this product will last for years.


  • Closes slowly and quietly
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with all the installation hardware you need
  • Heavy and durable
  • Does not slide out of place


  • None so far

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If you are looking for the best toilet seats that don’t move, we have found some great options that you can purchase.

The top 5 toilet seats we have reviewed above are all made of high quality and heavy-duty material.

They have rubber bumpers that help to grip onto the bowl and ensure they don’t budge when in use.

In addition, they have strong hinges that do no loosen easily so if you choose either of the above seats, you will not have to keep tightening the hinges.

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