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Clawfoot Tub Shower Curtain Sticks to Me, Solution?

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why does my clawfoot tub shower curtain stick to me

My clawfoot tub shower curtain sticks to me when I’m taking a shower, what could be the reason behind it?

This is a very common question among homeowners who have this vintage type of bathtub.

There are several reasons why shower curtains or liners tend to blow in and wrap around your body such as the temperature difference on the inside and outside the tub.

In this article, we shall talk more about these factors and how you can prevent the billowing effect so as to keep the shower curtain away from you.

Reasons why my clawfoot tub shower curtain sticks to me

It’s not just the clawfoot tub shower curtain that attacks a person when showering but almost all shower curtains.

This is known as billowing and can be explained scientifically using the Bernoulli Effect theory.

According to this theory, when taking a shower inside the tub, the hot water increases the temperature, which leads to a drop in air pressure.

This in turn results in the pressure difference between inside and outside of the tub.

Since the pressure outside is higher, it pushes the shower curtain inside where the pressure is low in order to attain equilibrium.

Another theory that stands out is by David Schmidt regarding the horizontal vortex created in the shower.

He explains that the water spray from the showerhead creates a vortex inside the shower. This vortex has low pressure and tends to suck the curtain inside causing it to stick to you.

How to stop shower curtain from sticking to you

It’s very annoying when your shower curtain gets sucked in and clings to your body. Fortunately, below are simple ways to put this problem to an end.

1. Use magnets and weights

Using magnets and weights is one of the easiest ways to prevent the shower curtain from blowing in on you.

This is because some shower curtains come with magnets or weights already attached to the edge of the curtain.

If your curtain does not have the magnets and weights, you can purchase them from the store and sew them into your curtain’s hem.

The weights weigh down the curtain while the magnets pin it to the side of the tub; thereby, preventing it from blowing in.

However, for the magnets to work you have to make sure your tub has metal or porcelain. To confirm this, use a fridge magnet. If your tub is made of plastic or fiberglass the magnets will not stick so you will have to use weights.

This N&Y Magnetic shower curtain weights come highly recommended. They stick to each other using the strong magnets and weigh the curtain down at the hem without pinning to the tub. So, to use them, your tub does not have to be made of metal or porcelain.

2. Add a curtain liner

Adding a shower curtain liner is also a good way to prevent the curtain from wrapping around you as you take a shower.

clawfoot tub shower curtain sticks to me

The liner and the curtain create a double layer. The liner hangs inside the tub while the curtain hangs outside as seen above.

This helps to prevent airflow such that even when the outside curtain is blown in, the liner will remain stable and it will not be pushed inside.

3. Get a heavier curtain

It’s easier for a lighter shower curtain to be blown in or out than a heavier one.

So getting a curtain that is made of heavy material can help to keep it in place.

Heavier curtains also need to be installed using the right curtain rods that can bear the weight. Avoid tension rods if possible since they may not provide enough support.

4. Use a circular shower curtain rod

Ideally, the clawfoot tub shower curtain hangs from a circular frame that is mounted onto the ceiling.

The curtain should be extra wide and long so as to go around the tub and prevent water from splashing out.

clawfoot tub shower curtain sticks to me

This also helps to create more space inside the tub and keep the curtain away from you.

So in case, the curtain is blown in, it will not wrap around your body since you have enough space to move away from it.

For the normal rectangular bathtubs, a curved shower rod comes in handy.

It helps to create more space in the tub since it curves outwards and keeps the curtain away from you.

5. Use anti-splash shower curtain clips

Anti-splash shower curtain clips are designed to hold the edges of the curtain in place to prevent water from splashing out.

This means that they can also help to keep the curtain from blowing in since it’s held tightly on the sides.

This Magna Lock Magnetic Sealer works great at preventing the curtain from blowing in since it holds the lower edges of the curtain against the wall.

Binder clips can also be used on the hem of the shower curtain. When several of them are attached to the edge of the curtain, they will weigh it down and prevent the billowing effect.

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I believe we have answered your question regarding why my clawfoot shower curtain sticks to me.

we have seen that increase in temperature inside the shower causes low air pressure while the pressure remains the same outside. The results in the curtain being pushed inward and attacking you as you take a shower.

You can overcome this issue by weighing the curtain down with magnets and weights, using a heavier curtain and a circular curtain rod, adding a curtain liner, or using ant-splash shower clips and binder clips.

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