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How long to wait after reglazing bathtub to shower?

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how long to wait after reglazing bathtub to take a shower

How long to wait after reglazing bathtub so as to take a shower or a bath?

If you just had your tub reglazed, you must be wondering how long it takes to dry so that you can use it again.

According to experts, a resurfaced tub may it about 12 to 48 hours to dry completely. This of course depends on certain factors such as the refinishing material used and humidity.

To answer your question, let’s first talk about these factors and how they influence the drying time of a resurfaced tub.

Factors that determine how long it takes for a reglazed tub to dry

1. The type of coating material used

In order to determine the exact drying time for your tub, you should ask the resurfacing professional who did it.

This is because he or she knows best the type of coating material they used.

Reglazing can be done using different materials like polyurethane or urethane, polymer, and epoxy, which have different drying times.

High quality refinishing products usually dry faster than low-quality products.

For instance, if you are using Polymer, it takes about 30 minutes to dry after every coat application. When it comes to the upper coat, allow it to dry for 48 hours before using the bathtub.

For urethane, each coat takes 10 to 15 minutes to dry. And the upper coat takes 12 hours to dry. Urethane is a high-quality refinishing product; hence dries fast.

For epoxy, you have to let it dry for 3-4 hours before the next coating. Your bathtub feels dry in around 12 hours.

2. Humidity and cold weather 

Reglazing your tub during cold weather or when the air is too moist tends to prolong the drying time.

This is based on the fact that when it’s too cold or moist; the refinishing product thickens and becomes very difficult to work with.

The appropriate temperature to work with is above 62 degrees F. Any temperature below this will not only affect the refinishing process but also the curing time and the overall appearance of the refinished tub.

3. The curing period

The curing period also depends on the above two factors; type of coating used and humidity and weather.

The curing period is the time required for the new bathtub coating to achieve maximum hardness fully.

Although the tub may feel dry in about 12 hours, curing may take up to 7 days.

It is important to strictly adhere to the recommended curing time so as to avoid premature coat failure.

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So, how long to wait after reglazing bathtub to take a shower?

Now, back to our question.

You should wait at least 12 to 48 hours for the reglazed tub to dry before using it and at least 7 days to cure completely.

how long to wait after reglazing bathtub

Taking a shower after 12 to 48 hours should not be a problem. However, do not attempt to clean the tub before it has completely cured as this may damage the newly reglazed surface.

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In this article, we have answered the question; how long to wait after reglazing bathtub to take a shower.

We have seen that the drying time varies depending on which coating you use, humidity and weather, and the curing period.

High quality refinishing products like urethane dry quite fast compared to low-quality products. So it is up to you to choose or the refinishing professional to choose the most suitable material.

Avoid refinishing your tub during cold weather as this makes the products thick and hard to use.

Nonetheless, 48 hours should be enough for the bathtub to feel dry and ready for use but cleaning should be avoided until it has completely cured.

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