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How to clean shower head without vinegar

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How to clean shower head without vinegar

Are you looking for alternative ways on how to clean shower head without vinegar?

Vinegar is a common household product that is readily available. It is an excellent cleaning solvent that not only removes stains but also freshens a room by absorbing bad smells.

For years, vinegar has been used to clean clogged and dirty showerheads because it does not contain harmful chemicals.

However, if you don’t have vinegar, you can try other delicate cleaning agents and solvents that are also readily available.

Therefore in this article, we shall discuss how to remove scum, grime, and hard water build-up on showerheads using baking soda, lemon juice, and oven cleaner.

How to clean shower head without vinegar

1. Cleaning with baking soda

how to clean shower head without vinegar with baking soda

Baking soda is a non-toxic and affordable alternative to vinegar when it comes to cleaning showerheads and other surfaces at home.

It helps to unclog the showerhead by removing limescale build-up. In addition, baking soda has antibacterial properties; hence, it kills bacteria and germs on the showerhead.

To use the baking soda to clean a clogged showerhead, mix it with warm water in the ratio of 1:1.

Apply the paste on the showerhead in that it covers the entire head, including the holes.

Give it at least thirty minutes and rinse thoroughly using clean water. Please note that if any baking soda particles remain on the showerhead, they might cause further clogging.

Therefore, ensure that you have rinsed off all the baking soda especially on the holes, and confirm that the showerhead is working properly.

2. Clean a shower head with lemon juice

cleaning showerhead without vinegar

Lemon juice is acidic so it is a good alternative to vinegar, which is also acidic.

You can choose to buy a readily prepared bottle of lemon juice or get some fresh lemons and squeeze the juice.

To clean the showerhead, simply dip a soft cloth or paper towel into the lemon juice and rub it gently on the shower head.

Be careful not to scrub or rub too hard so as not to damage the shower head.

To get excellent results, consider adding salt to the lemon juice and mix it thoroughly. This will advance the acidic component’s concentration in cleaning the grime and excess mildew, thus unclogging your shower head.

After applying the lemon juice, give it some time, and then rinse it with water. Your shower head is clean and ready for use!

3. Cleaning with bleach

Bleach is an affordable and accessible household cleaning solvent and a strong disinfectant.

It works particularly fine on plastic showerheads but it can also be used on metal ones to whiten and brighten them.

There are two ways you can clean with bleach. One is to take a polythene bag, fill it with bleach and tie it around the showerhead. Leave it there overnight and check the results in the morning.

Don’t be surprised to find whitish filth in the bag. It’s the hard water build-up and scum from the showerhead that seeped into the bleach.

Carefully remove the bag, throw it away and rinse the showerhead thoroughly with clean water.

cleaning showerhead with bleach

The second option is to mix bleach with water in the ratio of 1:1. Apply it to the showerhead using a soft piece of cloth and leave it for about five minutes. Rinsing it off and then clean the showerhead with mild soap and rinse again thoroughly.

Please note that bleach should be used with a lot of caution by working in a well-ventilated area. Also, do not mix bleach with any other cleaning agent since it is hazardous.

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4. Using oven cleaner to clean showerheads

Oven cleaner is a standardized cleaning agent that contains sensitive chemical components. It can effortlessly eliminate any form of dirt on surfaces and appliances around the house.

However, care should be taken when using it. So before you start cleaning the showerhead, ensure the room is well ventilated and wear gloves and a mask.

When using oven cleaner to clean the shower head, there is no need to remove it from the fixture.

Just start by spraying the oven cleaner all over the shower head especially around the holes. Let it sit for twenty minutes for the cleaner to loosen the dirt and rinse it with water.

Wipe off the shower head and give it time to air-dry.

Oven cleaner is quite tough so be sure the rinse the shower head thoroughly so as not to damage the finish.

After cleaning the shower head, wash your hands thoroughly, and remember to keep the remaining oven cleaner out of the reach of children.

How to clean shower head without vinegar

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Many people strongly believe in cleaning their shower heads with vinegar, but there are multiple ways on how to clean your shower head without vinegar.

It is important to remember that the moisture in the bathroom tends to create a favorable environment for the growth of mold and bacteria, resulting in the clogging of the shower head. Also, hard water, soap, and grime build contribute to the clogging of showerheads.

It is therefore important to clean your showerhead regularly. If you don’t have vinegar, try baking soda, lime juice, bleach, or oven cleaner. Just choose the one that is readily available to you.

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